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It was 1988, Dr. Kamal Azari and his wife Parichehr were summoned, by what they describe as an almost divine calling, to the far reaches of the Sonoma Coast. This calling led him to a piece of property located in the Petaluma Gap, and the message was clear: “if you produce wine from this land, it will be among the best the world ever tasted.” There were no grapes and no infrastructure before the Azari's came to this land. Working hand in hand, Kamal and Parichehr sought to see if the calling was true, and planted their first vines with their own hands. The results are and have been extraordinary. The wines grown on this vineyard have garnered critical acclaim from world-class critics such as Robert Parker. The only way to see if these wines are truly world class, however…is to experience them for yourself, my friend.

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